Jan 31, 2012

Honeymoon Inspired

In a month of love-February,and at the same time as a escape from everyday reality,we could all use good some nice romantic getaway.In my dreams-Paris..It can be just a weekend,but it can help..The Eiffel Tower, the fashions, the crepes, the gorgeous architecture, the romance! Ooh la la! I wanna lost in the loveliness of the city of romance...Because of that Paris is ideal for my late Spring honeymoon..


Tuesday,tuesday..I don't know about you all but I'm craving for a little prettiness today to waken me from my winter slumber. There are still few more weeks of winter ahead and I really need a little something to look forward to. My mind already going  2 weeks from now on when my baby daddy and my hubby to be coming here for the first time.Really excited about that and can't wait..Have a nice rest of the week.. 

Jan 30, 2012

Ivona Torma Photography

Young photographer with years of experience,lot of exhibitions and awards continues succesfully her devoted work.With years she was growing and developing becaming a major artist.On the Ivona Torma Photographer facebook page you can find more photos and information about this talented artist.

Jan 27, 2012

One More Weekend

When you are a mommy to be,there is no a lot of fun things like before to do on a weekend night.Fun in pregnancy is getting totally different meaning.Your whole life is changing,and instead of partying and drinking on weekend night ,most of us just wanna stay at home.And eat.Eat a lot.My weekend started pretty well,coz I found my wedding dress.I was so lucky that everything what I emagine in my head I found in the first wedding salon..At least now one thing from my check list is done..Wish you all lovely weekend whatever you plan to do..Enjoy in it as I will enjoy in mine..;)