Mar 20, 2012

Spring Cleaning

Since the spring is in the full bloom,it came time for some closet cleaning.Actually spring is starting officially today,but temperatures outside are already way too high for this time of the year and for this climate.Yesterday I spent outside few hours,and just from curiosity i put thermometre on direct sunlight and it was showing unbelievably 30 degrees.I had feeling that real spring will last very very short and that we are going  from winter directly to summer.Today I decide to fix my wardrobe,and to see what I need to put on my shopping list.And to decide whats "going to history" and staying in my parents home,since I'm moving to Turkey.Considering that I'm pregnant almost 6 months and I gain about 6-7 kilos until now,I actually dont get need for buying some maternity clothes as I was expecting.Like every year my spring outfit is based on flats,leggings and some breezy and not body tight shirt,t-shirt or similar..I just need one more blazer,in some light nude colour and maybe one more flats in similar tones.So at least no need to worry about my clothes because now when I will go anyway big shopping is waiting for me,including home furniture and all baby equipment..One thing to do less..

Mar 17, 2012

Sunny Weekend

Finally Spring,sun and more then 20 degrees outside!I thought that winter will never end.Warm weather today I used for meet my friend in one local cafe.It was so pleasant to seat outside just in some easy clothes like breezy dress,flats and totally unnecessary sweater instead of jacket.My mind already was gonne on some beautiful beach in Turkey,where I will go very soon.I'm having plans to go few days before my wedding on beach just to get tan little bit..And now since Spring come,cant wait to spend few hours on beach soaking sun..I really miss that!Hope you all enjoying your weekend..

Mar 14, 2012

Coming Soon..

Can't help myself but browsing around the web and getting some images in my head how my fast approaching wedding should look like,is one of mine favorite activities lately.I already have picture in my head how am I gonna look like,dress is selected,shoes,hair style,and even those small details like-something old,new,borrowed and blue.Of course important picture in my head is picture of my future hubby and baby daddy ,and one thing I know,right now I can not emagine anybody who will look more hot in his wedding suit then him.Since our wedding will be in Mersin,Turkey,for about a month,it will be real "My big fat Turkish wedding".Still dont know how will look wedding venue,or cake but I have ideas in mu head so it shouldnt be a problem.I prefer neutral colors so I will try to manage everything in that way.And at the end,I'm sure in one thing,doesnt matter how it will turn out,is it cake gonna be on 2 or 5 floors,or flowers will be roses or lilies,what really making me exciting that I'm getting marry and that I will spend my future with one of the lovliest and most handsome guy that I could ever find..