May 24, 2012

After a While..

İt's been a while since I posted last time but I was pretty much busy.. Now life slowly returns into some normal condition.First I moved to other country,to Turkey,but this time for forever..Started to lıve together ,now,with my husband.Moved into new home,which is btw great,has huge living room wıth fireplace,then our bedroom is under roof  which İ wanted for long time and one more thing that makes me love this home is huge balcony on the building roof with amazing view.After we set in our new home,we started to deal with all that wedding things which btw were so exhausting coz of lot paperwork.But everything finished fine and finally we are married.We also went on vacation on Mediterranean sea,in place name Mersin,where is my husband from.İt was kind of honeymoon for us,and it was great there.Weather was perfect,around 30 dgrs and it was so pleasant after more then half year again to soak sun on the beautiful sandy beach.Now we are back in Ankara,and few more things left to be done-to prepare room for our baby and of course to give birth.So it means we came step by step until final and best part..Hope you all also enjoyıng your time and trying to lıve your dream life..