Oct 30, 2012

Middle Of The Season

 Hi,dears!Hope the week is treating you well.So it seems like fall has decided to pay us a visit here in Ankara.  It's finally more cold ,with temperatures near to 20 deegres.I actually had to pull out all of my layers, tights and all for the first time this season.But still outside is pleasent to go for some strolls or seat in some cafe..But the best about this is that the fall is the best season to dress for, right? :)How about you guys?  What's the weather like in your part of the world?Have a wonderful day, sweets!

Oct 29, 2012

Feel So Loved

Hi,dears!How was your weekend ?Mine's been great,actually last 10 days really enjoying in free time with hubby and baby.First last weekend we celebrated my bday,and I can say that hubby really gave his best to make me most memorable and lovliest bday ever.But my favorite moment was  blowing candles on my cake with my baby girl in my arms.Days after bday in Turkey was holiday so we used sunny and hot days for this time of year for strolls around city,visiting beautiful places in Ankara,going to some shopping or just going to get some ice cream..Today is last day of holiday so we will just lay low and enjoy at our home..Enjoy new week dears and see you soon..

Oct 19, 2012

Beauty Sleep

 Good morning, loves! Hope you're having a lovely week so far.Last 3 months I'm dreaming of sleep.  And lots of it. Because of the baby I haven't been getting quite enough of it lately. And as fall came problem just gonne worst.And when I do finally get to bed I'm not getting a solid night's sleep coz I'm getting up every few hours.Then only solution is coffee as soon as I open my eyes and some sugar high food for extra energy..Anyway I'm hoping to nip this problem in the bud and get back to normalcy ASAP. For few weeks probably coz baby is growing and after 4th month things should be more easier..Have a wonderful day, sweets and hope you all get a restful night's sleep :)

Oct 16, 2012

Thinking Pink

 Good afternoon, loves!  And happy Tuesday to you.As all of you probably already know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. For me, now that I've hit the big 2-8, it means that I still have time to get mammograms {as I heard it hurt for a second but not so bad, but it is definitely worth the peace of mind}especially coz I'm breastfeeding mom (coz it cutting the risk) but as years fastly passing it will also knock on my door one day..  But for all of you little bit older then me out there, don't ignore your breasts.  If  you notice something's up, don't panic and assume the worst but don't ignore it either.  Early detection can save lives.  Check out this video that talks about symptoms and what to do if you have any concerns.

Oct 15, 2012

Just Make It Warm

 Hello dears and happy Monday!How was your wekend?Ours been great,as usually spend it outside coz weather is still sunny and nice..Also went to some shopping which made to to discover my new girly crush.Warm,rich sweaters.In some pastel colors as possible.White one's especially catching my eye.In this time of year everything seems so dark and heavy but these soft pieces are really speaking to me .Soft feminine touches can really lighten up the long dark seasons ahead.  I plan on incorporating them into my life as much as possible. How about you? Enjoy the new week and see you soon..