Mar 14, 2012

Coming Soon..

Can't help myself but browsing around the web and getting some images in my head how my fast approaching wedding should look like,is one of mine favorite activities lately.I already have picture in my head how am I gonna look like,dress is selected,shoes,hair style,and even those small details like-something old,new,borrowed and blue.Of course important picture in my head is picture of my future hubby and baby daddy ,and one thing I know,right now I can not emagine anybody who will look more hot in his wedding suit then him.Since our wedding will be in Mersin,Turkey,for about a month,it will be real "My big fat Turkish wedding".Still dont know how will look wedding venue,or cake but I have ideas in mu head so it shouldnt be a problem.I prefer neutral colors so I will try to manage everything in that way.And at the end,I'm sure in one thing,doesnt matter how it will turn out,is it cake gonna be on 2 or 5 floors,or flowers will be roses or lilies,what really making me exciting that I'm getting marry and that I will spend my future with one of the lovliest and most handsome guy that I could ever find..