Dec 21, 2012

Sweet Friday

Hello,dears!Can't believe that one more Friday is here..And weekend of course!Since the Christmas fastly approached (actually mine Christmas is 7th of January,but I don't get problem with this one also :) ) for today I'm planning to make some Christmas cookies..Normaly I love to cook,bake and spend my time in kitchen,but since I have small baby I don't get a lot of time for that.But I found a lot of easy and fast-to-make recipes on web and can't wait to start it.I just love all that colors,mostly wıth white and red frosting,shapes as  Santa Clause or Snowman,and those beautiful smells of cookies..And callories??Well,who cares,it's holiday,yeah?;) So how about you?What's your favorite cookies?

Dec 12, 2012

Happy Bday,Fashionista!

 Good morning,dears!What you been up to for today? For me todays date took my attention!Today is actually 2 years of this blog.I started it with big love and passion for fashion,with my first post about little black lace dress..And still now after 2 years,that post is one of the most popular on this blog,with more then 100.000 views..Also I have to mention that that time when I was following fashion I got some great offers to cooperate with designers and photographers,but unfortunatelly coz of mine location that time I just couldn't except it.. Plus a lot of magazines and fashion or other sites used my posts..It  really means a lot to me..Later how my life was changing and my interest for fashion change,(I'm still crazy about shoes,clothes and bags),but feeling myself more close to write about my daily inspiration and something more personal to me..And really don't have time as before to give you review from every show from Fashion Week or to present you every editorial from famous fashion magazines..But I'm still writing it with same passion..and still crazy hunting beautiful  pics from web to post it here..Anyway I'm happy coz I see that you guys visiting my blog in big numbers..Statistic saying enough for me..Thank you all for supporting me,even you dont know that you doing that,and at the end-Happy Bday to you,Fashionista!We love you!

Dec 11, 2012

Soo Impatient..

 Hello,dears!Are you enjoying in time before holidays?Or you are impatient same as I am?Can't help myself but I'm counting days until our trip to Serbia..And so happy that 2 weeks left..Especially coz there is snow overthere..and here in Ankara İm not expecting it so much..And what are the holidays without some serious snow?Also until trip planning to do some Christmas shopping..What about you,do you already have your gift-list?Enjoy your day and see you soon :)