Dec 12, 2012

Happy Bday,Fashionista!

 Good morning,dears!What you been up to for today? For me todays date took my attention!Today is actually 2 years of this blog.I started it with big love and passion for fashion,with my first post about little black lace dress..And still now after 2 years,that post is one of the most popular on this blog,with more then 100.000 views..Also I have to mention that that time when I was following fashion I got some great offers to cooperate with designers and photographers,but unfortunatelly coz of mine location that time I just couldn't except it.. Plus a lot of magazines and fashion or other sites used my posts..It  really means a lot to me..Later how my life was changing and my interest for fashion change,(I'm still crazy about shoes,clothes and bags),but feeling myself more close to write about my daily inspiration and something more personal to me..And really don't have time as before to give you review from every show from Fashion Week or to present you every editorial from famous fashion magazines..But I'm still writing it with same passion..and still crazy hunting beautiful  pics from web to post it here..Anyway I'm happy coz I see that you guys visiting my blog in big numbers..Statistic saying enough for me..Thank you all for supporting me,even you dont know that you doing that,and at the end-Happy Bday to you,Fashionista!We love you!


  1. I´m following you!!

  2. Waw ! Happy Bday :)
    May your blog prosper and keep up the amazing work!
    Following you as well now :D

  3. I do really love your blog¡ I´m starting a blog, do you want us tofollow each other? xoxo

  4. Thank you for visit my blog. I'm now following you. Kisses dear.

  5. I really like your blog, it's so inspiring.
    I'm following you now! :)


  6. happy blog birthday! 2 years is a lot!
    I also wanted to say I loved what you are doing and I do hope your blog would last for years and years more.
    I'm your newest follower and I would love to read you again and again!

    Inside and Outside Blog
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  7. Happy blog anniversary, Suzy!
    Thank you for visit my blog. I'm now following you.


  8. Happy blog anniversary!
    Thank you so much for stopping by and following! I’m following you back!

    xx Karolina

  9. congrats on the 2 years!! such a lovely blog! do you want to follow each other? just followed you on GFC and bloglovin! xx

    The Marcy Stop

  10. thanks for following:)
    followed you back!♥

  11. Thank you all guys for vısıtıng and following,I follow each of you back..Kısses :)

  12. Hello from Spain: congratulations on your two years of blog. You have a nice blog. Thanks for stopping by my blog dedicated to Barbies. I'm happy to meet people like you. I became a follower of your blog. My blogger goes wrong and It does not published my photo ID. I am martamozo. Thanks for everything and keep in touch Blog to Blog

  13. I follow you too :) I really like gold and glittery things! And I love Turkey soooo much I was there three times in Alanya, Side and Bodrum and I visited Capadocia and Pamukkale. I fall in love in Turkey mmm and I miss Turkey <3

  14. Thanks for following, I'm following back! Hope to visit your beautifl country some day =)

  15. I am really getting hungry!
    Cute blog.;)


  16. Happy Birthday to your blog!
    Follow you by GFC, hope, you'll follow me back)

    Kicky Jane
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  17. it is very beautiful!
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  18. very pretty :)
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  19. Hello dear,
    Maybe you would like to follow each others blogs with blogger facebook and bloglovin?

    Have a nice day!

  20. Happy Birthday to your blog!!!ヽ(*・▽・)ノ
    Glad to read that your blog has grown so much and you have done so. I hope you continue to have much success.
    Thank you very much for your comment and for following my blog. It means a lot to me.
    Have a very nice day Suzy!(^v^)ノ

  21. Nice photos! I love Turkey so much! Happy Birthday to your blog!!!
    would you like to follow each other?

  22. This is really nice!

    X Jenny

  23. Happy blog birthday ! beautiful pics,
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  24. amazing blog!!! i follow you now ;)
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  25. Is beatiful your blog! Te sigo ;-)
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