Aug 9, 2012

Pampering Time

Some women are masters at pampering themselves, but I think that everything actually depends on how much we actually love ourselves.And of course lıttle bit of our free time.When you have a little baby there is no so much free time...One of my daily pampering rituals is seating on some quiet place,drinking my morning coffee or few of them for at least one hour and reading my favorite magazines..Another way I pamper myself is to sit outside on our huge top floor balcony and spend some one on one time with my hubby.Our view ısn't really drop dead gorgeous coz we are centrum of Ankara but I still enjoy the view on far away mountains and fresh air. This little break leaves me very refreshed and relaxed.Also shopping ,my favorite one,nice bath or just eating some sugar treets gives me my daily dose of joy..And finally traveling,on seaside especially,spending time on beach and sea is the best way to refresh energy..How you all pampering yourself,whats your favorite free-time things to do?