Jul 24, 2012

Ready for Paradise

Hi sweets!Hope you're all having wonderful start of the week.Mine's been great!Since I deliver my baby girl almost 2 weeks ago,I was yesterday in temptation to try my old,and some new clothes,which I bought but still didn't get chance to wear,and guess what-it perfectly fits me!Some of the pieces looks even better this year on me,then last year for example my swimsuit..Pregnancy didn't left any ''trails'' on me.Even I was enjoying in sweet treets and not so healthy food 24-7,(can't fight against those cravings,don't you?) and still after birth eating a lot of ice cream and chocolate,but I'm happy to say that I don't get any baby weight..And next month no need to worry about going on the beach..Really looking forward to that :)) Enjoy the rest of your week and I see you soon ..

Jul 19, 2012

New Life,New Love..

Hello,my dears!How are you feeling on this hot July's day?After first few days in total mess for me and my hubby,but sweet mess,our life get back into some normal..Instead of first coffee and breakfast  now our days starting with nursing and changing diapers.Its ımpossible to explain how somebody can change your life so much and how much love you can feel for somebody to who you actually know for such a short time.Our beautiful baby girl became center of our universe..Every new day for us is such a blessing..And today we fınally set the date for our vacatıon.It will be first vacation for us as a trio.Really looking forward to spend few weeks on hot and sunny coast with the people I love the most..

Jul 16, 2012

Complete Happiness

Finally after nine months of expecting which btw passed very quickly,our baby girl came few days ago..Despite the huge pain during delivery,my happiness couldnt be bigger when I saw my beautiful baby girl.I  know that every mum thinks like me,but yes..my baby is just perfect..exactly like I wanted to be..Each day is real joy for me and my hubby which btw showed himself as perfect daddy.Firstly he kind of supprissed me being perfect hubby but now he is also a daddy that every baby could wish for.Our happiness is finally complete..Now just left to enjoy in Summer days as a new family ...And also to slowly prepare for our holiday next month,which we can not wait to come,to leave hot Ankara and find some refreshment on blue Mediterranean coast ..

Jul 6, 2012

Summer State of Mind

Yeah,one more weekend is here..Planning to spend it lıke usually with my hubby and to enjoy  in my last pregnancy cravings..Summer is again in ''full bloom'' and I just can't believe that almost already passed one year since I met my husband and that for 3 days we will be parents..Anyway this hot Summer weather inspiring me to me dream about our long vacation next month.It wıll also be first vacation for our baby girl...Really looking forward to some relax time on the white sandy beach,long strolls and beautiful sunsets..Also loking forward to wear again my all clothes,which is not gonna be problem since I didnt gain any baby weight..How all of you doing,any special plans for weekend?Or maybe holiday?

Jul 5, 2012


Hello,sweets!Hows going your week?Mine is passing in expectation of gaving birth of my baby .My due date is officially today,but considering situation it's not gonna happen..My hubby took me to hospital this morning and doctors gave me few more days and if baby doesnt come by her own,then they will deliver her on Monday..9 months passed already but for her seems like it's not enough.:)Then it means maximum 4 days left before we wıll meet our girl..Enjoy the rest of your week and I see you soon :)