Jul 24, 2012

Ready for Paradise

Hi sweets!Hope you're all having wonderful start of the week.Mine's been great!Since I deliver my baby girl almost 2 weeks ago,I was yesterday in temptation to try my old,and some new clothes,which I bought but still didn't get chance to wear,and guess what-it perfectly fits me!Some of the pieces looks even better this year on me,then last year for example my swimsuit..Pregnancy didn't left any ''trails'' on me.Even I was enjoying in sweet treets and not so healthy food 24-7,(can't fight against those cravings,don't you?) and still after birth eating a lot of ice cream and chocolate,but I'm happy to say that I don't get any baby weight..And next month no need to worry about going on the beach..Really looking forward to that :)) Enjoy the rest of your week and I see you soon ..

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