Aug 17, 2012

Finally Vacation!

Hello sweeties and happy Friday to all of you!I'm excited that weekend is finally here and our long expected vacation!First we will go on few days to visit my husbands familly in Kayseri and same time to celebrate Ramadan over there.It's interesting when you have chance to celebrate something else and different,beside Christmas and Easter.After Kayseri,we going to Mersin and that is what most making me excited.Just few minutes from our home is sandy beach and crystal clear sea..Planning to spend most of my time there and to get some tan ;) Also hot evening night are already reserved for long strolls near to sea with my hubby and baby Pearl..Enjoy your weekend and I'll see you soon :)

Aug 15, 2012

Living Room Ideas

Hello,dears!How's your week going so far?Lately my mind ,beside our family vacation this week,occupies decorating of our living room.All house is set up,but only one room is left to be done and we decided that there we will make one more living room.For me it's more than just a place for relaxing and recreation at home, because that room will speak volumes about my personal taste.Personaly I like old vintage white style ,but coz rest of our home is in modern style it just wouldn't match.But still I will try to keep palete of colors in natural like white and beige.Also details like flowers,frames with pictures,candles and so on can also affect living space a lot..My head is now full of ideas and Im trying to limit myself on one style in decorating,I dont want to mix a lot.Anyway I have time,coz we will do that after we come from our vacation,for about 3 weeks now on..Really looking forward to start with that..Enjoy your week and I see you soon ..

Aug 9, 2012

Pampering Time

Some women are masters at pampering themselves, but I think that everything actually depends on how much we actually love ourselves.And of course lıttle bit of our free time.When you have a little baby there is no so much free time...One of my daily pampering rituals is seating on some quiet place,drinking my morning coffee or few of them for at least one hour and reading my favorite magazines..Another way I pamper myself is to sit outside on our huge top floor balcony and spend some one on one time with my hubby.Our view ısn't really drop dead gorgeous coz we are centrum of Ankara but I still enjoy the view on far away mountains and fresh air. This little break leaves me very refreshed and relaxed.Also shopping ,my favorite one,nice bath or just eating some sugar treets gives me my daily dose of joy..And finally traveling,on seaside especially,spending time on beach and sea is the best way to refresh energy..How you all pampering yourself,whats your favorite free-time things to do?

Aug 6, 2012

Monday Thoughts

Good morning,dears!Happy Monday and welcome to a brand new week!Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!Yes,August is already running and is it just me or Summer suddenly starting to fly by?Maybe not so hot weather (which İm really greatful for) here in Ankara giving me that feeling..Anyway our holiday is approaching,I already started to prepare,I choose clothes for that,lot of easy breezy dresses and shoes,and for beach and for evening strolls with my hubby and baby..Really can't wait that our journey starts..How about you,are you going somewhere with your love ones?Enjoy the rest of the week and I'll see you soon!