Aug 15, 2012

Living Room Ideas

Hello,dears!How's your week going so far?Lately my mind ,beside our family vacation this week,occupies decorating of our living room.All house is set up,but only one room is left to be done and we decided that there we will make one more living room.For me it's more than just a place for relaxing and recreation at home, because that room will speak volumes about my personal taste.Personaly I like old vintage white style ,but coz rest of our home is in modern style it just wouldn't match.But still I will try to keep palete of colors in natural like white and beige.Also details like flowers,frames with pictures,candles and so on can also affect living space a lot..My head is now full of ideas and Im trying to limit myself on one style in decorating,I dont want to mix a lot.Anyway I have time,coz we will do that after we come from our vacation,for about 3 weeks now on..Really looking forward to start with that..Enjoy your week and I see you soon ..

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