Nov 28, 2012

Let Me Tell You a Secret..;)

Good morning,dears!How's your week going so far?Mine's been good,trying to keep up with nice weather and easy outdoor activities,but lately feeling so tired so it's little bit harder then before..And also again my cravings come back,not so much,coz of nausea but definitelly from day to day becoming stronger..Just wishing a lot of cheesecake,brownies,cupcakes and similar sweet treats..And do you wanna know why?Well it's still secret but I can tell you-our little family will got bigger for one more member next Summer.History is repeating,timing is same,but this time it was our plan.And our happines couldn't be bigger..How about you,so you have any secret to tell me?

Nov 26, 2012

My Thoughts Are Flying..

Hello dears and welcome to the last week of November!This month was beautiful here in Ankara and I can say that we really used great fall's weather and all ou free time for outdoor activitıes,mostly strolling and chilling outside with baby.But it doesn't stoping my mind to fly one month forward -actually to December and  magical season of holidays..Christmas trees,gifts,outdoor lightenings,snow and many other things making it my favorite part of the year..How about you,still enjoying in Fall or impatiently waiting Winter?

Nov 15, 2012

Something In Air..

Hello,dears!How's your week going so far?Mine like usually..I know I was absent in past 2 weeks but I was or sick or outside..Days were passing or at home under of hot blanket with coffee and candies in my hands,or outside enjoying in beautiful fall days ,going to mu hubbys cafe with baby or just strolling all together..We are experiencing some incredible weather in Ankara and I couldn't be happier.  This is one of my favorite time of the year in the city.  Not so much blue skies, midd humidity and a crispness in the air.So every possible free time we just use to go outside..How you all spending this fall days?

Nov 2, 2012

Obsession With Knitwear

 Good morning, lovelies!After some heavy caffee and light breakfast it's time for one more Friday and of course one more weekend..Anyway we're in the middle of little bit cooler days here in Ankara and it's not quite heavy jacket weather(especially coz of sun in afternoon time)  so I've been pulling out all of my knitwear lately and layering it up.  Lots of sweaters, pullovers, knit jackets, knit socks.  I become kind of obsessed with knit,especially white one.. If they make it in a knit, I probably own it. Oh and the best part is when I'm cuddled up nice and snug under my cozy knit blanket with hubby and baby.Could I love  knit and fall any more? :)