May 25, 2012

Friday Wishes

Weekend came but since I'm not working it doesn't make any special change for me..just I will have more time to spend with my hubby..I guess maybe because of the weather here today which is not so perfect I'm off in dreamland again thinking of where I'd like to visit on our next vacation and these days sitting upon the top of my list is the Almalfi Coast in Italy. I've always wanted to visit the dramatic coastline where the rolling hills meet the sparkling Tyrrhenian sea. How I'd love to be sipping on some cappuccino while sitting at some cafe with sea view and enjoying in perfect creamy tiramisu. Makes for a picture perfect setting, doesn't it? But for now and few next months we are very limited with our traveling.Our last trip on Turkish Mediterranean coast wasnt too much pleasant for me.Vacation was awesome but just that way to get until there was very hard.And especially now when 1 month left until our baby will arive travel is ─▒mpossibily. But for sure that we will get there one day!Enjoy your weekend and think what's sitting on the top of your vacation?