Feb 24, 2012

Weekend Is Here

One more weekend is here,finally..Beautiful sunny weekend.Just a one look on Spring weather makes me feel more happy,if it's possible to be more happy then I already am..Since my babe is gonne  I desperatelly wish that next 2-3 weeks until I will go to him,pass as quickly as possible.I have a lot of things to do while I'm still here,so no doubt  about that days actually passing fast,but who doesn't love weekend,finally to get relax from stressful week?Especialy such a lovely weekend as this one!Enjoying in long sleeping,staying in pajama until late afternoon,and drinking cup of coffee for an hours.. All of that until Monday..Enjoy your weekend..

Feb 22, 2012

Waiting For Spring

Spring coming for less then 1 month,but weather forecast for next weekend and pleasent 14 degrees giving me some hope that I dont have to wait so long..I already have lot of plans for Spring,which will be very busy,including wedding and all details about that.Making me so excited when I'm thinking that soon I will be marry for most lovely guy I ever meet.Even do everything happened so fast and unexpected,I can not anymore emagine my life and future without him.Also I will be very occupied decorating our love nest including and room for our baby girl which is coming in the beggining of July..Anyway Im really looking forward to Spring,and everything what is waiting for me and my love ones.

Feb 16, 2012

Thursday After..

Are you still recovering from the romance of Valentine's Day or a sugar high from all those chocolates and candies?
I know Valentine's Day is over but I can't help but still feel in a sweet, romantic mood. Could have to do with all of the leftover goodies that are still all over my house.Or the new perfect ring on my finger!(Which was such a lovely best ever supprisse!)Candies, cupcakes, cookies and various other sweetnothings have had me feeling all loved up and on a sugar high all week long..Anyway there is nothing wrong with that with continuing to celebrate love and life every day..

Feb 10, 2012

Happy Weekend

Finally and this weekend came!Im so excited coz 1 day left and my hubby will be here!Until Valentines Day left few more days,of course gift is almost finished,I just need to wrapped it..Having some ideas for what to do that day but this freezy winter outisde is kind of slowing me down!Valentines Day is all about vintage champagne & chocolate truffles, stolen kisses or a weekend away, however you celebrate or if you don't, wishing you a weekend filled with the things you love . . If you are broken hearted (like me last year) try  to be happy and try to make other people happy,not just on this day,forget about all bad things in past and move on.As soon as you open your heart for new future,and close the the door of your past your real happiness,your real destiny will come.Embrace it with open arms and big smile.We all deserve happiness but lot of times in our lives we are just blinded and coz of that sometimes hardly moving on.But when we finally let go,then we can get what is best and what destiny already prepared for us. Happy Valentine's Day & have a beautiful, beautiful weekend!