Mar 16, 2014

After a Break..

Hello,my lovely and faithful readers!Its been a huge break,I know,but my blog was hacked and I didnt have access to it.I even start a writing new one,but quickly I just didnt get energy to do everything from the beggınıng!So I just quit.In the meantime,I redirect my passion and love for photography and food ,on my Instagram account.And one more positive thing from that passion is Im getting ready with all my power for opening of my own macaroon and pastry shop.And I can not be more excited coz of that.Also at the end of the May,as a gift from my hubby for our 2nd marriage annivesary,we are going on definitely deserved vacation,on beautiful coast of Aegean sea.Enjoy your week and definitely see you soon ;)


  1. Hello from Spain: your photos are fabulous. I am happy that you have your blog again ... We keep in touch

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