Dec 16, 2010

Kim Kardashian-Fashion Icon

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian fashion icon and designer who is developing a clothes line with her sister’s and Bebe. The 2010 eleven season has been no exception for this trendsetter her style being replicated by many a fan.The question is what are the key ingredients to her style to be able to copy her image.
To have that classy sexy look that Kim rocks the fashion world with their are tricks. Kim creates this look by adding glamour to the every day such as a structured suit top with shoulder pads or a glittery top with ripped jeans and, thigh high boots. The ripped jeans making it look trendy and stylish, also keeping it from being over the top or too sexy. That’s the biggest feat of all Kim manages to maintain a sexy classy look overall which seems to most impossible to achieve. She also uses layering to her advantage by mixing textures and colors. The layering also keeps it classy a glittery sexy top with a structured suit jacket can look sexy but avoiding the too much scenario.
The final touches of an outfit are some of Kim Kardashian biggest rules for her style, she never leaves an outfit without accessorizes, when you accessorize you complete a look. Accesorize add glamour,fashion and, trend. Another key factor is her use of color Kim never wheres all black or all grey she adds patterns or different colored pieces. Kim style is easy to replicate and is perfect for a night out to look glamorous what girl wouldn’t want to look like one of the Kardashian sister’s.

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