Apr 22, 2011

Easter Inspiration

Easter is one of mine favorite holidays,probably because of lovely memories that I carry from my childhood..I remember me and my younger brother was making huge nests from grass and flowers night before Easter,and next morning we would rush to see what Easter bunny left for us..Nests were full of candies,toys,Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies..Even do we knew that Easter bunny is my mother,or grandmother,coz any of them just couldn't keep the secret until Easter,but anyway it was so magical experience for us,as a kids..Long time ago we stop to make nests,but it's always nice to remember that magic of Easter..Happy Easter to everybody!


  1. I just love this Easter inspiration! Simply beautiful!!!!


  2. Cute pictures, i love the bunny with the dress!!..Haha!

  3. Yeah,pics and bunny are so cute!:-)