Apr 11, 2011

Swimwear Trends for Summer 2011

This season will bring us all types of styles, with bandeaus, triangle and halter tops sharing their fair share of the spotlight with monokinis and luxury one-pieces - a good thing, since that means there will be something for every girl out there! 2011 is a very colorful season. The palettes are vibrant, eclectic and very playful, with designers mixing different hues for a vivacious effect that will be sure to make heads turn next season. Now to the specifics:
Flaming Hues: Deep oranges and raspberry pinks were seen in all styles and shapes
The top colors in swimwear designers' mind for this year are in the blue-green, orange and brown families. Blue hues came in many shades, but primarily in turquoise and light sky colors, mixed with greens from the seafoam to the olive hues. Deep, burnt orange in rusty shades were also seen in many collections, as well as hot, raspberry pinks. Less so than the blue-green and orange-pink combinations, but still very much present were deep earthy browns all the way to nude and off-white tones. In sum, the bright neons from the 80's have been toned down, muted, washed out and gave way to classier, more sophisticated hues - thank goodness for that! Oh yeah - not to worry, black, white and grays are always a must!
Sea Goddesses: Turquoise blues and seafoam greens reigned supreme across the board
Tribal, ethnic and abstract art goes perfectly with the colorful spirit of the 2011 designer swimwear lines. And so there were lots of color juxtaposition in geometric prints, Native American and other tribal patterns, unexpected colorful animal prints and simply beautiful abstract composites.
Going Native: Tribal and ethnic prints aplenty
The very democratic 2011 swimwear season will continue to bring us the bandeaus and monokinis introduced in the past few seasons, as well as the timeless bikinis and one-pieces. The bottom coverage for designer swimwear also continue to be very diverse, with Brazilian cuts, moderate cut and a slightly smaller full coverage bottoms also available.
One thing designers are making sure this year is that swimwear is 3-D. Swimwear 2011 season have lots of texture, be in ruching, studs, ruffles, pleating, braiding, sequin, rhinestone or crystal applications. Whatever it is, it needs to stand out, literally!
Lastly, it needs to shine. Gold hardware will be predominant next season, stone applications are set in gold and even a lot of suits will have golden threads or dye - or simply a shinier mix of lycra. A little glitz here and there that will go a long way on your overall beach look!
Give me texture: Ruching, ruffles, studs and rhinestones applications deliver 3-D surface effects


  1. You have here some of the 2011 collection of Caffé Swimwear, they have a very luxury line of swimsuit. I am actually the manager of the DR store and i love my job a lot, because this coutry is very tropical so you can use swimsuits every month of the year!

  2. Ohh,I'm so jealous,you living in such a beautiful country!What a lucky you are!:-)