Feb 2, 2012

Beautiful Neutrals

Now when outside is still freezy winter,when there is no lot of things to do,I'm cutting my time until my hubby doesn't arrive ( 10 days left !!!) searching for some lovely ideas on the web..Today I'm inspired by colors!I love them,especially color of light peach,and if you check my blog little bit better you will see that I'm actually obsessed with this color.. Too much color doesn't give me a headache definitely but I also appreciate the value of neutral spaces. I never get tired also of white and beige..And thinking that also my future home ,especially mine and hubbys bedroom and our babys room,to decorate in some light shades.I just preffer clean and neat full of sunlight home look which I can best achieve with some neutrals.Lot of lovely and inspiring ideas with my favorite colors I collected from Layla Grayce.com.

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