Sep 3, 2012

Summer Send Off

Hi dears!How was your weekend?I was trying to put myself in rutine of normal life and for beggining to finish unpacking our bags,but I didnt make it coz last days of Summer we again used to to go outside with our baby girl ..So these mess here is still to remind me on great vacation that we had.It was so nice to spend every day on different beautiful sandy beach and to enjoy in hot crystal blue sea.When we was bored of just chilling on the beach we was going on picnic in mountains whose nature is just stunning,going to some shopping or just seating on our balcony with amazing sea view.Hot nights were reserved for long strolls arond the city and visiting confectionary shop especially for one turkish delight-kunefe.But after 10 beautiful days I got borred od hot weather,and I just wanted to come back to our home.Didn't make mistake coz you can see here that sun is already tired and thats what I really prefer..Enjoy the new week and see you soon..

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